MoonPhase Games


MoonPhase Games: Rules

These are the rules for our Minecraft minigame network and Discord server. Breaking them is bannable.

You must make sure you understand these rules to play on our network.

You can report any player that violates these rules using /report.

Fair play

Do not attempt to cheat in any way, including but not limited to malintended mods (killaura, fly, etc.) and glitch exploiting.

Do not attempt to bypass or deceive our anticheat in any way.

Do not attempt to hack our network in any way, including but not limited to DDOS attacks and admin access.

Equality for all

Do not, under any circumstances, discriminate another player in any way.

Understand that doing so will hurt the other person (and get you banned).

This applies to even minor things like cosmetic ownership.

Family friendly content only

Only family friendly content is allowed on our network.

This applies to everything including but not limited to chat, skin, and name.